A specialist wedding photographer based in Nottinghamshire

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my style of photography

Most photographers stick with one style of photography and not try anything new. However, throughout my career I have tried and tested many different styles which makes it very hard to say that I have one particular style of photography. One thing I always do with regards to my style of photography is try my upmost best to adapt and suit the needs of my clients whenever possible.

I am extremely flexible when it comes to my style. I'm easily able to capture those rare and unexpected 'in the moment' shots as well as organise/stage an environment able to capture beautiful images that'll last a lifetime.

You'll find my images are a perfect mixture of organized and 'in the moment' shots.


My Background

I've had a passion for photography since a young age. I started to take photography very seriously when I began capturing images of various aircraft for an aviation magazine. This was my first paid job within the industry.

Since that moment I have never looked back and continued to follow my dream of turning a hobby into a career.

Quickly, I realised that I had a love and talent for all different types of photography but the main one was I was gravitating towards was Wedding Photography.

Once I had a good understanding of these techniques I began offering my services to the local area and slowly but surely started to build a healthy client base, providing the East Midlands and surrounding areas with an experienced and unique wedding photographer.

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why should you choose me?

You're probably wondering "Why should I choose him as my photographer" and my honest answer to that would be do your research before hiring anyone, especially someone that is going to capture one of the most important days of your life!

 We all have unique styles of capturing images, you need to choose the photographer who fits your criteria best.

However, I will say that you'll struggle to find a photographer as flexible and as accommodating as myself, I take multiple approaches to best suit you and what you want to achieve.

I'll never make any demands or overrule you with any final decisions (of course I'll have suggestions and ideas) - the final decision will be with you.

Alongside this, I'm one of very few photographers that like to have pre session meet ups and/or phone calls to establish a friendly, working connection between us. This helps with chemistry on the big day and putting you at ease instantly.

Feel free to take a look around my website and view the different wedding photography services I currently offer to the East Midlands and surrounding areas (Nottinghamshire, Leicestershire, Birmingham, Yorkshire, Derbyshire).